Membership Advantages

  • The largest international professional appraisal association exclusively devoted to the valuation and appraisals of gems, jewelry, watches, and the specialized needs of jewelry appraisers
  • Representation on TAFAC The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council at The Appraisal Foundation
  • Unique Bridging Policy which offers credit for previously accomplished accreditation from other appraisal organizations
  • An Association that recognizes the importance of blending skills, extracting and analyzing data and obtaining information related to questions and issues raised by its members
  • A dedicated trade-experienced management who understands the needs of appraisers and is committed to nurturing the professional image of its members
  • An Association devoted to advancing the professional jewelry appraisal industry to new levels of trade and public awareness and recognition
  • An opportunity for worldwide professional contacts
  • Access to experts for every type of jewelry appraisal
  • Enhanced client trust and transparency by an Association by offering Background Check Cleared Badge
  • Additional membership privileges and benefits, as they develop